The holiday time can be stressful for any business owner. There are stocking issues, schedule challenges and many more things that as business owners we must deal with. Not to mention all our own holiday needs. This is where having access to things like a small business line of credit are handy to have.

When you think about everything the holidays have in store for you in your personal and professional life it can be overwhelming. Especially as you think about if you will have saved enough for the year to throw your staff a holiday party or provide end of the year bonuses. These are simple things that take over the minds and dreams of the entrepreneurs we know. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Instead, you can utilize products such as a small business line of credit or a merchant cash advance to take a little bit of the pressure off.

Now that we have taken the pressure off you regarding how you will pay for the party, the pressure is on to throw the party that your employees will talk about all year long. Let’s get started planning.

3 Ways to Throw a Holiday Party Your Employees Will Never Forget


The holidays are a time to be with family and friends. Your employees don’t want to take extra time away from their loved ones to feel like they are still at work. If you are going to hold an after-hours holiday party, consider allowing your staff to bring their families. They will appreciate the time to share the time with those they love and those they work with. If the budget is not going to allow for that, consider holding a holiday lunch or closing the store early.

We all know how busy we get and how easily it is for things to fall off the radar. That is why it is key to send out reminders to your staff about the time and the dress code. After all, you don’t want staff members showing up in tuxes AND Ugly Sweaters!

Another insider tip, consider moving your party to January. Your staff will thank you as the holiday craziness will have died down. Plus, January can be a very long month after the highs of the holidays. Why not kick off the year right by setting team goals during your holiday party? Even better, January holiday parties are much more cost effective.

Skip the Secret Santa

Instead of asking your staff to pick a name out of a hat and provide them with a gift, skip the gift exchange. It can make people very uncomfortable. Especially if you get a gift you don’t like or need. It can also be cost prohibited for some and that can make some feel left out if they ask to not participate.

Rather than doing a Secret Santa, consider donating money to an organization that the company votes on. Everyone will feel good about doing it and it doesn’t make anyone feel awkward. Staff members can donate anonymously and the business can donate if they choose as well.

Make it Fun

Whether you are holding the party at the office or local restaurant the point of the party is to celebrate the year, thank your staff and have fun. If you are at the office, decorate and don’t be skimpy. Why not make each room in the office a holiday theme for the party? Consider hiring a DJ or band. Even if your budget is to tight to hire someone, ask ahead of time for some holiday Pandora suggestions. That way everyone feels like their opinion was heard. You can even plan games for the group to participate in.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are offering cocktails at your holiday party is to give your guests a way home. Whether that means pre-ordering Ubers for the end of the party or hiring a valet to order Ubers on the company card as people are ready to leave. This is a unique way to make sure all your employees have a great time but make it home safe.

At eBusiness Funding, we know the holidays can be stressful and having access to the funding you need is important. A small business line of credit is a key component to any business’ success but it isn’t the only way of getting fast access to cash. So why not let us get you the cash you need to throw your best holiday party yet? Whether you use our how to guide or not, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to your party. And there is no reason to thank us. Instead, think about it as our holiday gift to you. Apply for funding with us today!

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