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eBusiness Funding is a premier provider of specialized alternative funding assistance for small businesses. Instead of traditional loans, we offer innovative financing options. With these options, we hope to help you leverage your business’ future revenue stream. The alternative funding that we’re referring to is a merchant cash advance (MCA). Merchant Cash Advances allow for us to help diverse organizations quickly secure business capital.

We’re familiar with the decline rate and lengthy application processes from traditional lenders. As a small business partner, we’re committed to offering you fast funding. We get the working capital that banks can’t—or won’t—secure for our customers. Don’t worry if your business has less than great credit, either. Our merchant cash advance processes outline the unique needs of your small business.

Traditional lenders often require spotless credit or at least 24 operational months before applying. We only need six months of continuous operation, along with bank statements to support your efforts. This allows us to provide working capital for your business’s particular set of needs.

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Providing your business with simple and straightforward merchant funding is our primary objective. With our quick capital application, eBusiness Funding provides the best alternative to traditional financing. Don’t delay the development and advancement of your business any longer. Apply now to get the small business funding you need

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Andy L.

Andy L.

“I was tired of waiting on my bank… eBusiness was able to provide me the real cash I needed without the wait. Thanks!”
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