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Manufacturer Business Loans

The Function of Manufacturer Funding

Manufacturing is a unique market, especially for newcomers. Every sector needs these services, but many large companies cover large swaths of the market. Don’t think that small manufacturing businesses are extinct, though. It’s not about having the size, it’s about having the smarts. What you need to do is keep track of essential things like knowing what those big companies aren’t covering, as well as being in tune to what your region offers. However, to put your ideas into action, you need manufacturer funding. Many businesses fail in their first few years, and while there can be many reasons, they often point back to one cause. Maybe they extend themselves too far, taking on too many expenses. Sometimes they misjudge the market and don’t get the amount of profits they expected. Sometimes things go well, but a sudden expense disrupts their cash flow and they can’t get out of the hole. In all these cases, it’s a lack of proper business capital that spells doom for these manufacturers. To avoid dipping into profits, finding outside business capital is essential. Doing so provides you with the means to:
  • Hire and train new staff.
  • Cover payroll.
  • Buy and upgrade equipment.
  • Purchase raw materials.
  • Expand your business.
  • Cover transport expenses.
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Funding Sources

We’ve established that your business needs outside funding. The question remains, where do you get it from? Perhaps you think that bank loans are a way to get the capital to improve your business. While this is true, there’s also a very good chance that you may not be able to get them. Why do banks turn businesses down? It could be poor credit history, being a new business, lack of collateral, or several other issues. If you beat the odds and qualify, your issues don’t end there, as getting bank loans is often a very long process. As a result, if you need to buy more raw materials to process a big order or have other time-sensitive issues, you may be out of luck.

Funding Alternatives

With this said, at eBusiness Funding, we provide great alternative methods available to help you find manufacturer funding.  Our merchant cash advances are a way to get money quickly, even if your business has only recently got off the ground or if you’re struggling with past credit issues. After qualifying for a merchant cash advance, you get your money in a matter of days, a far cry from the long approval periods you may encounter with bank loans. Read more about eBusiness Funding and our goals for you and your business.  
On Demand Working Capital
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How Much Do You Qualify For?
At eBusiness Funding, we know that quick business capital could mean the difference between success and failure for your manufacturing operation.  We offer help with our direct and easy funding applications. Our minimum requirements are that  you bring in at least $10,000 each month and have been in operation for at least six months. Make note that businesses that meet these requirements have a 95% rate of being approved for capital.We base what you receive off of your business’s current financial situation, up to $500,000 in merchant funding. The funds can be deposited in your bank account as early as 72 hours of submitting your application. Also, don’t worry about interest payments, as our advances are non-compounding, with a no-fee fixed repayment amount available as well. Choose eBusiness Funding for the best in alternative business capital solutions. No matter what stage your business is in or why you need business capital, we can provide you the manufacturer funding you need to take your business to the next level. Don’t delay, fill out the contact form on this page now and get the outside capital you need.