Rates and Terms

It is important to understand how rates and terms affect you. A Merchant Cash Advance is different from a traditional loan. There is no set in stone rate or term length, we tailor each Merchant Cash Advance for each individual client. Before you make an agreement with us or our partner funders, you will receive full written terms of your deal.

How does the interest rate work?

Rather than calculating an APR like a bank loan, a eBusiness Funding works on a fixed cost. Merchant Cash Advances do not have APR’s because there is no annualized interest rate applied to the payback amount.

We add a fixed cost to your initial funding amount, so you don’t have to calculate a percentage rate. You will be provided with the exact fixed cost prior to making any agreement with us or our partners. The repayment math is simple, take the amount you are funded + the fixed cost amount = the amount you payback.

How much is the fixed cost?

The fixed cost depends on various factors regarding your business and you, as well as the specific Advance Turn you choose.

This fixed cost is an established amount and it is usually called a Factor Rate. Your Factor Rate is decided by things like, the length of time you’ve been in business, total advance amount and your business’s gross monthly revenues.

We provide our clients with a variety of options when choosing a Merchant Cash Advance. We will evaluate the health of your business and help you get the rate/fixed cost that is right for you.

The terms and conditions will be provided in writing and you will speak with a funding specialist for all explanations and any questions or clarifications before you make any agreement.

For a general guideline the average fixed cost “Factor Rate” usually ranges from 1.19 to 1.40 for every dollar in funding for your business. There are no fees for an early repayment of a Merchant Cash Advance.

Terms -vs- Turns

For a Merchant Cash Advance, we use what is called a Turn as opposed to a loan that uses Term Length for repayment. The Turn refers to the number of days that a Merchant Cash Advance is expected repayment. Of course, this depends on your cash and can vary.  We generally offer Turns or durations of 60 – 260 days.

We take daily micropayments that are business days only, Monday – Friday excluding holidays. Each automatic payment is made from your business account. This daily repayment amount is based on the percent of sales that you purchased.

A Merchant Cash Advance is much more flexible than a bank loan that has rigid fixed monthly payments. We want to make sure that your business is not over leveraged and won’t advance your business more capital than you can reasonably afford.

We understand that in business there are periods where you may generate less monthly revenue than expected. When we figure your Factor Rate and Turn, these numbers are based on our projections for your business and its past performance. With that being said, things change. If your business is generating less monthly revenue than when we first evaluated it, we are able to help by allowing you to make smaller Daily Turn repayments. In times where your business is generating additional revenue than expected, we will take a larger daily amount to reflect the increased sales. We will never change your daily repayment amount without reviewing with you first.

Our clients are very important to us. When you thrive, so do we. Have Questions? Contact Us

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