The Holidays Are Coming – 3 Reasons Why You Will Need Short Term Funding

The holidays mean long and busy hours. Retailers nationwide are training staff, ordering extra inventory, and preparing for massive amounts of returns. Many businesses need to find short term funding to accommodate the intense ramp up and to take advantage of peak season sales. That’s where we come in. eBusiness Funding is committed to empowering small businesses for growth.

3 ways Short Term Funding could rescue your Small Business this Holiday Season

Let Us Help You Meet Payroll

Seasonal workers are precious gems among retailers before the holidays. Seasonal hires are usually brought on as extra assist for full-time employees. These shift schedules typically consist of late nights and busy holiday weekend hours.

Because sales often take a lot of time to turn into profits, this rapid increase in staff can be hard on companies. Thankfully, this hardship is only temporary and can be combated with short term funding. 

Short term funding is a reserve for most retailers that work busy holiday seasons. The peace of mind that accompanies settling debts as you receive payment for your holiday sales is undeniable.

Inventory is important, we want to help you purchase it

Many retailers rely on previous holiday sales to plan the following year’s inventory purchase. This is important but can be very expensive. Short term funding can help with the additional cost of the seasonal inventory. Trust us, you don’t want to be the business that runs out of stock before the major sales season has even begun. Together, let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen.

If you can meet our two requirements, we have you covered for the funding. As long as you are generating $10,000 a month in revenue and have been in business for at least six months, you have a 90% chance of qualifying. We want to make funding simple. The holidays are stressful enough, especially in the retail world.

Increase Your Marketing – Everyone Should Know that You’re Open for Business!

Getting people through the doors is harder now than it has ever been. That’s why ramping up your marketing plan is essential. The additional cost of marketing, on top of inventory and staffing can be too much for a business to take on. Thankfully, short term funding can come in quite handy. Unlike a traditional loan, eBusiness is not going to ask for a plan of how you will use the funding. We trust that you know most about what your business needs to succeed. And empowering you for success is what we care about the most.

Short term funding is not easy to come by especially when you say that it’s for holiday sales. But as small business owners, we understand what holiday sales can mean for you. Don’t wait until it is too late – apply now!

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