3 Reasons Payroll Funding Can Help You with Your Restaurant’s New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party days of the year. If your restaurant is planning on hosting an event, it will probably mean that you will need to hire extra staff. This could be for the planning and/or hosting of the event. Whether the party is a black tie affair, a themed evening, or a casual engagement – the staff you hire will be key. After all, your servers and entertainers are going to be what keeps people coming back year after year. But how can you afford to take on the extra staffing you ask? Payroll funding has you covered.

At eBusiness Funding, we know that it is not easy to spend money in advance. But when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations, now is the time to spend the money because you will make it back with a successful event. Payroll funding is key to helping restaurants around the holidays as they ramp up their staff to host successful events.

3 Reasons Why Payroll Funding Can Help This New Year’s

You Need to Spend Money to Make Money

The old saying about spending money has never been more true. You can’t expect customers to keep coming back year after year or even back to your restaurant if your party was a dud. eBusiness gives you the freedom to spend the money the way you want to without fear of being rejected because you plan to use it on something unapproved.

Success Can Last for Years to Come

We get you the cash you need fast! Meaning, you can book that raved about DJ or the extra waitress for the night. Once you have paid back 70% of the advance, you can renew for additional funding. We know as your ticket sales start to roll in the night of the party, you will receive a lot of the funds to pay us back but that doesn’t mean you won’t need additional cash to continue to grow your business. We make it easy to reapply.

No Risk to Not Being Able to Pay Your Staff

Have you ever had to look at one of your staff members and say you don’t have the money to pay them this week? It is not a conversation you want to have. That is why we have simplified the funding process. We can also get you the payroll funding you need fast because financing shouldn’t take months.

Let us help you never have to have the terrible conversation with your employee about not making payroll this week. With our payroll funding option, we have you covered. Whether you are ramping up your staff for the holidays or just had a rough month. Apply today!

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3 Reasons Payroll Funding Can Help Your Restaurant’s New Year’s Party
Payroll funding has become very common around holidays especially in the restaurant industry. If you are planning a NYE party, we can help.
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