Does the idea of failing make you cringe? That’s normal. As a society we hate failure. As a business owner failing is a scary thought. Failure can be a difficult thing to overcome. Past failures, like ruining your credit, can be a hard thing to work past. However, today is National Failure Day. It’s the day to use your past failures to spur you on towards success. For example, propel your business forward with business loans for bad credit, so your past financial struggles won’t stop you.

There are many successful business leaders that have failed once (or many times) in the past. Get motivated today to move forward from your past failures to find great success. Here are some people that have done the same thing:

Steven Spielberg

Everyone recognizes the name, Steven Spielberg. He is the man behind many of the movies that we love: E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Jurrasic Park, and Saving Private Ryan. Last year his estimated net worth according to Forbes was $3.5 billion. What you may not know is that Steven Spielberg was rejected twice when trying to get into the University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinema Arts. That’s right, he was rejected not once, but twice.

Can you imagine if he would have let his past failures hold him back? If you have been rejected in your past don’t let it stop you. Maybe a traditional lender has denied you once, or several times, for a business loan that would provide you with the working capital you need because you have poor credit. Instead of giving up, look for an alternate option, like business loans for bad credit.

Thomas Edison

You know Thomas Edison as the man that has over 1,000 patents. He was the inventor of many different things that helped to change the future, like the automated telegraphic, phonograph, practical electrical lamp, and turning cement into a commercial product. However, Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs. The problem was he wasn’t as productive as his employers wanted him to be. And, before that, his teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything”.

Many business leaders have similar stories. People didn’t believe in them and their first few attempts didn’t work out. If you can identify with this story, don’t let these things make you quit. Use them to spur on towards your greatest success.

J.K. Rowling

Who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter? The seven series story captivated the world for years. The books became movies and the series now has a portion of two theme parks at Universal Studios in Florida. J.K. Rowling became the first author in America to become a billionaire from their writing. But, before she found riches and fame, she was living off of welfare as a single mom. She is the perfect example of someone that took control of life.

Her past failures didn’t hold her back from reaching her dreams. If you have been struggling to overcome financial struggles, do not let them stop you. Determine to change your circumstances, instead of letting them control your life.

Henry Ford

The man responsible for making the modern day automobile failed several times before finding success. His business investors lost faith in him. He had to work to find people that believed in him enough to invest additional money into his ideas. Does that sound familiar? Are you having a hard time finding the capital you need to fund your business idea(s)? If so, do not give up. Henry Ford didn’t and look at his business now.

Obtaining Business Loans for Bad Credit

There are many people that have had to overcome obstacles and past failure to succeed in life and business. If you have been struggling to succeed because of your financial history start by obtaining business loans for bad credit. eBusiness Funding works with small businesses that are not able to obtain financing through traditional lenders. And, your personal financial history will not stop you from obtaining the capital you need, if your business is doing well. That’s because we look at your business and not your personal financials when approving requests for funds.

The process is fast and the requirements are much easier to meet than traditional loans. National Failure Day is the perfect day to stop letting your financial failures hold you back from finding success in the present and future. It’s time to make a change. Click here to get started today with more information on business loans for bad credit.

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