Remember what life was like before the iPhone hit the market? Your phone was pretty much used to make phone calls, and some could send out a simple text. If you wanted to do anything else you got on your computer to make it happen. Then came June 29, 2017, the day the very first iPhone was released. It was the start of something big that was going to change the future of business forever. From creating your own business app to securing a small business loan online, there seem to be an endless amount of ways that the iPhone has boosted the productivity of businesses everywhere.

Always Accessible

The iPhone has helped businesses to be more productive by making us always accessible. While it first started with the ability to be online to respond to customer emails when out of the office, it quickly grew to so much more. Small businesses are easily able to have apps created that make it easier for customers to do business with them. Your customer can call, text, email, or use any number of apps to communicate with you at all hours of the day. While customers love this, it can be frustrating for entrepreneurs who are longer able to get away from work. However, you can’t deny that it has helped businesses all over to increase productivity.

Business owners can easily start their work day to get simple tasks, like checking and responding to emails, out of the way for the morning before their feet even hit the floors. If you are going to be out of the office and their is a big project being completed, your employees can even send you pictures throughout the process so you know they are staying on top of it.

Improve Visibility

As the iPhone was introduced and continue to grow and expand, so did the chance of your business increasing its visibility. Social media has exploded over the last 10 years. The iPhone opened the door for us to have social media at our fingertips 24 hours a day, no matter where we are. The majority of consumers use social media to research businesses and look at reviews before doing business with a company. The iPhone opened the door for businesses to post images, ads, products, and deals, that can attract the attention of customers 24/7.

I have an app for that

You can do just about anything from your phone now. There are many apps available that allow your to collaborate with your team even if they are located all around the country. From your phone you can easily share files, share ideas, video chat, brainstorm as a group, and that is just scratching the surface.

Not only can you be more productive with your staff, but you can reach your customers easier as well. Small businesses can easily create (or hire someone) to create an app for their customers to use. Businesses has been putting this into practice in a number of ways. For example you can now use apps to order food before you arrive at a restaurant, purchase a product, and receive discount coupons. Apps are a surefire way to reach more people since the vast majority of people are doing everything, even looking for houses to buy, through apps. Your app is at work for you, even when your staff is at home.

If you don’t have an app for your business, it’s well worth looking into. You can look for ways to improve productivity of both your employees and your customers. This can be a valuable way to spend funds from a small business loan online.


The world of banking has changed dramatically since the iPhone entered the world. Now instead of driving to the bank your business can deposit checks right from your phone. You are also able to swipe credit cards and handle your merchant sales directly through your phone. This has opened the door to allow business to be conducted literally anywhere. From viewing your eStatement on your iPhone to requesting a small business loan online, the iPhone has helped business banking to become easier, faster, and allows you to be more efficient with your time.

Get a Small Business Loan Online

Traditional bank loans are hard to get. There is a long approval process and a lot of documentation that is required. Many small businesses are unable to get approved for traditional small business loans. However, eBusiness Funding has a small business loan online that you can apply for right from your iPhone (or any other device). The process is quick and easy, and the best part – there is a high approval rate.

If approved you can have access to the funds within 72 hours and you are free to use them the way that you see fit. For example, you can update the technology in your office, have an app developed to stay in contact with your customers, or increase your online marketing budget. The options are endless and the choice is yours. It is the easiest and fastest way to obtain additional working capital for your small business, which helps you to be more productive throughout the process. Boost your productivity today by completing the request for a small business loan online .

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