5 Reasons to Use eBusiness for Small Business Lending as an Accountant

Running an accounting business is not easy. As you wait for clients to pay you for your services you still need to have working capital to keep the lights on. That is where eBusiness Funding becomes a great option for small business lending.

It is no secret that from January to April accountants are going to be slammed with work. This often means stressful and late nights while you work hard. But it can also mean traditional funding will take too long and too much of your precious time to go through the approval process. But you have other options. So why should you choose eBusiness Funding for your small business lending needs?

Less Stress

Worrying about not being able to pay your employees back is stressful. This can wreak havoc on your life and your business. You may find yourself cutting corners on many things. A merchant cash advance can help get you the funding you need because we know when you need to spend money, you should.

Easy Requirements

It isn’t easy to be approved for traditional small business lending. The requirements are complex and take a lot of time. This is often time that many accountants do not have especially during busy season. That is why with just a few simple clicks and two requirements many accountants choose to work with us.

No Business Plan Required

If you have to submit a long detailed business plan of how you plan to use the funding, you will often be deterred. As an accountant, you may just need funding to tide you over through the holidays until your busy season really picks up. Traditional institutions are not always eager to lend to a business with this problem. But we want to help.

Fast Funding

When you need funding, you need it quickly. Whether the IRS just added a new form to the tax process or all accountants are now required to operate under new conditions that require more money to keep the lights on, we have you covered. It takes just three days to get the funding deposited into your bank account from the time you have accepted our offer.

High Credit Card Transaction Volumes

A merchant cash advance is a great small business lending option for those that do a majority of their sales through credit card transactions. This is because our payback process is designed to take a fixed daily percentage of your credit card sales. This will happen until the amount has been paid back.

If you are an accountant and in need of small business lending, we are here for you. An alternative funding provider can make all the difference when you need the funding fast! See for yourself by applying today!

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5 Reasons to Use eBusiness for Small Business Lending as an Accountant
When you own an accounting practice, finding time for funding applications during busy season is a hard. Our small business lending is designed for you.
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