While it may sound a little crazy, May 1st is known as Phone in Sick Day or Call in Sick Day. This can be concerning to business owners that are worried about having no employees show up for work. But, use Phone in Sick day in 2017 as a time to improve employee morale and boost your productivity. There are a lot of benefits, both physical and mental, to taking time off work. Many business owners discourage employees from taking time off, but today we challenge you to take advantage of Call in Sick Day. Change up your schedule for a day and use some time to score a quick small business loan online.

Improve Employee Morale

Can you imagine how excited employees would be to work somewhere where they’re encouraged to take some time off. Time away from work can help relieve stress, help employees think through work problems in a new way, and recharge. Employers that discourage employees from taking any time off accomplish the exact opposite. However, most businesses can’t afford to just shut down for a day because all of their employees decided to take the day off. So, business owners need to get a little creative. If you can close down for a day to give employees a “mental health” day, do it. And, pay them for the day.

Businesses that are not able to do this can have employees take turns. Turn Call in Sick day into 4 different days. Give a quarter of your staff a day off on each day. Employers that take the initiative to do this will reap the rewards in the end along with their employees. The employee gets  a paid day to enjoy. The employer ends up with a staff that is rejuvenated and more loyal to the employer because they see they are being cared for.

Improve Employee Health

Time away from work reduces stress and improves physical health. Giving employees a day off can not only improve their mood, but their actual health. Happy employees sleep better, get sick less, and don’t call into work as often. Mental health plays a large role on physical health. Create an environment that employees want to work and employers don’t have to worry about sick days as often.

Offer Employees Freedom to Choose

If you want to boost productivity while keeping your staff in the office consider letting them choose what to work on. There is a business that uses one day every year to allow their employees time to work on any idea that they want for the business. They can try to solve a problem or develop a different way to do something. Employees do not have to focus on the department that they currently work in, they can choose anything. The one catch was that they have to report at the end of the day on what they spent their time doing.

The executives within this company have found that their employees are incredibly productive when they are free to work on anything they choose. From this time the employees have found ways to save money, improve processes, and developed many other new ideas.

Give this a try and watch your employees and your business shine. Employers can use this time to be productive and complete the application for a small business loan online to fund the new ideas that are discovered.

Beat Them to It

Employers that want to turn Phone in Sick Day into a day that the business can benefit from need to be proactive. They need to beat employees to the punch. Do not wait for employees to start calling in sick. Make an announcement that the company is celebrating Phone in Sick Day in a new way. There is a good chance that many employees have never heard of this day before. Get them excited about having a day to do something different from the ordinary. Employees want to support an employer that supports them. Business owners that offer a fun day before employees ask for it or take it anyway can gain employee loyalty.

Use the Day to Be Productive

Business owners need to take a day off from their regular tasks to complete things that have been getting put off. Phone in sick day is a great day to finally apply for that small business loan online. ebusiness Funding makes it quick and easy. Simply complete the online form to get the process started. This can be a great way to spend time off from regular business tasks. You control what you spend your loan proceeds on:

  • Employee training
  • New equipment
  • Payroll
  • Expansion
  • Funding research and development

Be the creative boss. Encourage employees to use phone in sick day. Let them recharge their mental and physical health, while you do the same. Or, use your time to help your business grow.

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