Today is National No Dirty Dish Day. It is the day to skip one of the worst household chores. People are encouraged to avoid dirtying any dishes that would need to be washed. As a business owner, you may think this day doesn’t apply to you, but it does. There are many ways that your business can benefit on this day. eBusiness Funding can provide you with the small business loan online to help you put this day to work for you.

How the Day Can Benefit Your Business

Business owners that work in the food industry have an easy sell on National No Dirty Dish Day. You simply promote eating at your establishment to avoid creating dirty dishes at home. Whether you own a food truck or a full service restaurant this is a great day for you. But, what if you don’t work in the food industry?

Host an open house and invite people in to learn more about your business.

Provide appetizers that are finger foods or served on toothpicks and promote No Dirty Dish Day in the process. You can use the day to create a fun atmosphere for your guests to relax in while learning about the products or services that you offer. You could use this as a networking event to invite local business owners to. Or, you could use it as a customer appreciation day, or a chance to inform prospects about your business. Free food is always a draw to bring people in.

Could your office use a little work before bringing people in? A loan from eBusiness Funding can provide you with the funds that you need to bring your business up to the next level. And, you don’t need to meet a long list of requirements to qualify.

Build your contact list or email list.

Celebrate National No Dirty Dish Day by holding a drawing for a free gift card to a good restaurant in your area. Require people that want to enter to provide their contact information. This will allow you to grow your list customers and prospects, allowing you to contact them about future sales and such down the road. Everyone loves free food so it isn’t hard to get people to enter. You can even make it simple and have a bowl that they can just drop a  business card into. Don’t forget to allow people to signup for your contest online.

Put social media to work for you.

Many small business owners get carried away with using social medial strictly to push their product or service. While this is a great way to reach people, social media is meant to help people connect. Posting about something out of the ordinary, like No Dirty Dish Day, can encourage people to interact with you. Consumers like to connect with the businesses they do business with. And, millennials often take this step prior to doing business somewhere

If you are struggling with your online presence and marketing due to lack of resources a small business loan online can help you get the funds that you need. eBusiness Funding offers merchant cash advance loans that you allow you to spend the loan proceeds where you need them in your business. If you need to start or improve your online marketing, you can have access to loan proceeds and the working capital you need within 72 hours of approval.

Utilize your extra time.

In the amount of time it takes to wash a day’s worth of dishes you can apply for a small business loan online. No Dirty Dishes Day provides Business owners with the time they need to help their business grow. If your business was turned down by a traditional lender in the past, don’t let that hold you back. The approval process at eBusiness Funding is vastly different than with a traditional lender.

How eBusiness Funding Can Benefit Your Business

eBusiness Funding has the financing options you need. In the amount of time you are saving by not doing dishes, you can apply for a small business loan online. Loans from eBusiness Funding are different from traditional bank loans.

Traditional lenders have steep requirements that many small businesses are unable to meet. Businesses typically need to be open for at least two years, meet revenue requirements, and the business owner needs an impeccable credit score. On top of all that there are personal asset guarantees. These requirements pose a problem for many business owners. However, eBusiness Funding has a better way:

  • Business only needs to be open for 6 months and have $10,000 in gross monthly revenue to qualify.
  • 95% of business that qualify are approved.
  • There are no personal credit checks or guarantees.
  • The approval process is based on the financial health and potential of the business finances.
  • Instead of waiting months to find  out if you are approved or not, the process only takes 24 hours.
  • Once approved you only have to wait a total of 72 hours to have access to your funds.
  • You can spend the loan proceeds as you see fit within your business.
  • Repayment is easy and based off a set percentage of daily sales. Therefore, on the days when you don’t make as much, you don’t have to worry about coming up with a certain dollar amount. You pay more when you make more. It is all based on percentages.

Get Started Today

Don’t let this day pass without taking advantage of the opportunity. Skip creating and needing to wash dirty dishes today. But, don’t waste that extra time you gain. Apply for a small business loan online with eBusiness Funding today to start the process.



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