Do you ever feel like you are trapped in the same day just like the movie Groundhogs Day from 1993? Too often we feel that our jobs are dictating everything we do and making ourselves miserable. We feel trapped in an unending pattern, feeling as though we are repeating Monday through Friday, week after week. Dreaming of Friday at 5 to come sooner rather than later. But as business owners, what can we do to make a happier workspace for everyone involved so that each day in the office is exciting and fresh?

There are countless studies out there that reveal that a happy work place could be the key to productivity and increased profits. But how can you achieve an office space that people are excited to come to work to every day? Too often people think that it takes money to make people happier. In fact, studies have shown that in terms of salaries, when an employee makes over a certain amount, more raises do not increase their happiness at work. Instead, companies that focus on the engagement factor and creating a place employees want to come to work every day find themselves more successful.

3 Quick Hits to Increase Workforce Happiness with a Working Capital Loan

When it comes to employee welfare things to increase productivity and happiness around the office do not have to be costly. In fact, they often can be free. But if you are looking to make a splash with your employees quickly, we can help you figured out how to get a working capital loan. This way, you have the funding you need to host some of these quick hit events, fast!

Establish a Bring Your Family to Work Day

The average employee spends more time with their co-workers than they do with their family. When you think about it, your co-workers often become some of your closest friends. But there will always be that separation. If you can allow your employees to bring their families for a day, whether this is their spouse, parents, or children, morale can go through the roof.

You have probably heard of bring your children to work day but not everyone has children. Instead of this option, make it a family day. Depending on your line of work, you may even allow your employee’s family to get creative when it comes to brainstorming new ideas.

Use the money you get from the working capital loan to set up an activity for everyone that includes lunch. Nothing has to be over the top but the little act of showing you care about life outside of the workplace can go a long way in terms of morale.

Offer Off Season Surprise Bonuses

When everyone thinks that bonuses only come at one point in the year, imagine employee morale when they could come at any point? We know this may require working capital loans to make it happen but it could prove far more valuable when it comes to the increased productivity of your employees.

Many businesses often see their sales drastically improve during the first quarter after annual raises and bonuses are released. Imagine if your employees worked that hard year-round because they never knew when bonuses were coming?

This is another reason why many businesses are doing away with annual performance reviews and promoting and rewarding throughout the year.

Paid Birthdays Off

Who doesn’t love to spend their birthday away from the office? In fact, many times your employees are often asking for their birthday off. Why not just give them a bonus vacation day for this specific purpose? If their birthday falls on a weekend, then let them use it on the Friday or Monday before or after.

You can even gift them a restaurant dinner to enjoy with their friends or family that night. This may seem expensive but this little bit can go a long way.

Birthdays are a great way to increase morale, make an impact with only a slight hit to your business’ working capital. Birthdays happen just like Groundhogs Day, once a year. If you have a team of 20 people, that is only 20 extra vacation days a year you are giving out but 20 days that increase your employee’s happiness and mental health the other 364.

Increasing workforce happiness is not just about making people happy. In fact, studies show that increasing workforce engagement is the key to retaining the talent you want and increasing productivity all around. As a business owner, you know the high cost of having to replace someone you value on your team. Don’t let the Groundhogs Day effect be the reason they left your business. The daily grind does not have to be repetitive, especially when people are happy. If you have ever seen Groundhog Day, you know that it took Bill Murray’s character almost the entire film to realize that happiness was the key to getting out of the loop.

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A Working Capital Loan Can Help Increase Your Workplace Happiness and Break the Out of the Groundhogs Day Effect
A working capital loan can give you the opportunity to increase your workplace happiness with the extra cash you need to throw employee engagement events.
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