If you think any of the teams that have ever made it to the Super Bowl got there by complaining, Deflate Gate & Tom Brady aside, you aren’t thinking straight. No! The recipe for any great football team and player is a lot of hard work, action, and a little bit of luck. But that does not mean that things have always been perfect for these stars, after all, they are human too.

Just like the business world, the world of professional sports is tough. Many people spend a lot of time complaining and little time putting into action their dreams. But if you are reading this post then you know that you are not one of those people. You know you are a business owner that has put their dreams into action. But just like professional athletes, business owners can make mistakes too. These mistakes often affect business owner’s credit scores. However, there are people out there to help you and teach you how to get a business loan with bad credit when you need funding.

We hope that you never feel that you are alone in this world. You will always be a business founder, just like any player who has ever won the Super Bowl will always be a Super Bowl champion. Even if you make a mistake with your business. You can recover, just like these Super Bowl Champions have in their careers. Never forget that one mistake does not define you.

4 Super Bowl Mistakes During the Big Game with Superstar Recoveries

Russell Wilson’s Air Pass to the Patriots

Who could forget as the clock was running down for the Seahawks during the 2015 Super Bowl, when Russell Wilson made a pass attempt to Marshawn Lynch that was intercepted and essentially sealed the win for Tom Brady’s club. Many were left to wonder in that last minute where was Marshawn Lynch? He may have been thinking like most of the rest of country, why was Wilson throwing the ball?

Despite the pass, Wilson was signed to a 4-year deal with the Seahawks valued at $87.6 million. At the time of the contract signing, Wilson was the 2nd highest paid player in the league. In 2016, he was selected first to play in the Pro Bowl, ultimately winning the Offensive MVP title for the game.

Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem

In 2011, the powerful voice of Christina Aguilera was expected to be a high note to kick off the big game. Unfortunately for Christina and any American watching, we know that she botched the lyrics to the countries national anthem.
Fortunately, Christina did not let this near-career altering blunder stop her from continuing her path to superstardom. In fact, she went on to a successful career on NBC’s hit TV show The Voice and is currently dating country superstar, Blake Shelton.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction

It was the slip that was seen around the world. Back in 2004, JT & Janet Jackson were performing live during the Super Bowl halftime show and at the end of their set, Justin accidently ripped off a piece of Janet’s clothing creating a situation like no other Super Bowl had seen before. Thankfully, both of their careers rebounded. Justin released SexyBack, appeared in several movies; as well as, married Jessica Biel and become a new parent. Janet went on a world tour and became a new mother in the same time frame.

Baskett Bobbles the Onside Kick

With everything on the line in the 2010 Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints went for a risky onside kick play. It looked like Hank Baskett and the Colts would be able to receive the ball. However, it bounced off Baskett’s face mask and the Saints recovered it. Ultimately the Saints won the game and Baskett was released the following day from his club. He was then caught in a scandal that revealed he was assisting the Saints during the game.

After bouncing around to several teams, Baskett had a successful career in reality television with wife Kendra Wilkinson. The couple has welcomed two children into their family and enjoys the simple life. Baskett is comfortably retired from the game.

Now is the Time to Start Acting and Stop Complaining

Even though these superstars experienced blunders at the Super Bowl, potentially the world’s biggest stage, they all continued to work hard to achieve their dreams. Everyone is going to make mistakes. It is all up to you if you choose to just complain about what you don’t have or start taking chances to change it. If your business needs a little help, just because your credit score is low, that is no reason to think you can’t get a loan. Don’t let your business go under because you are complaining about the system. In fact, the system has created business loans for bad credit to help companies just like yours get back on your feet.

Even mistakes made during the Super Bowl can be overcome. We gave you plenty of examples of people that turned a bad situation into a great career. Now let us help you continue building the business you have worked so hard to create.

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