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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. However, they have to fight to get in front of their target customers in the advertising space. Trying to stand out among the big brand names can be even more challenging. Even if you can stand out, traditional marketing is expensive! Traditional marketing includes things such as billboards and television commercials. Because of the cost, it can be extremely challenging for a small business to get on these mediums. A business advertising loan could be an option to think about.

Marketing costs still exists even if you aren’t using traditional marketing. The new wave of digital marketing tools has made it easier to get in front of your audience, but not free. The cost of getting in front of your customers online can be expensive too. You also can’t forget about your website. There is a high cost to developing your business’ domain and making it look professional. Having a social media presence and monitoring your social community is so important for you customers to connect with you. Social media may appear free, but there are hidden costs that people don’t think about. Remember, you have to pay someone to create your content or use your own time to build up your online followers. Getting started with digital marketing has a high upfront cost and is another use case for a business advertising loan.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Creating a targeted advertising and marketing strategy that will increase your ROI is important. ROI is important because the amount you are taking out in a loan will be expected to be paid back with interest! And being a business you are going to want to ensure you are still making money!

The challenge with business advertising loans is that they are not always given out through the traditional channels. Banks are not as likely to loan money to a company that is looking to spend it on marketing efforts. Some banks will lend for this purpose and others will not. Doing your research is important if you are considering a business advertising loan. It is important to remember that banks may offer you a loan but only if you meet their high standards.

A Bank’s Requirements include:

  • A high credit score for both you and your business.
  • A detailed business plan that will highlight how you plan to use the loan.
  • Collateral to put up against the business loan in case you cannot pay it back.
  • Typically, a business history over two years in length!
  • Financial statements from the past few years showing stability and growth.

That is why another option exists. The option we are referring to is a merchant cash advance. This type of funding can get you cash in your hands in just three days so that you can start your marketing campaigns immediately. We aren’t going to ask you how you plan to use this advance either. We know you are using it for your business. So you can go ahead and use it to pay your agency fees, develop a new website, put up a bill board, or run a commercial!

Marketing and advertising are critical to a small business’ growth. Having the right strategy and team in place can make all the difference. We understand that marketing is expensive because we have been there. That is why we have made the process as easy as possible to apply and get the funding you need.

At eBusiness, we offer:

  • A simple online application.
  • Fast turnaround time with a quick response!
  • Quick access to the funds in your bank account.
  • Only a few requirements to meet:
    • Have been an operating business for more than six months
    • At least $10,000 a month in revenue
  • The ability to use the cash the way you need to grow your business.
  • An automated process for payment

We know what small business and startups go through because we have been in your shoes. We understand the importance of marketing for a business’ success. We are in the business of believing in a company’s future and there is a huge potential when you market your business. Give us a shot to help you start growing your business!

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