How To Get Minority Business Financing?

As a minority business owner you know you have accomplished a lot to get where you are. You understand everything you have gone through. Whether it was the hardships of struggling to find people who believed in your idea. Or maybe it was finding funding to get your business off the ground. Whatever it was, you are not in alone in those struggles. Minority business financing is something that most minority business owners have a hard time acquiring.

The market we live in is highly regulated. It is a challenge for any small business to get funding. If you have less than two years of business history, most banks won’t even consider you. So what are startups and small businesses that don’t even meet that requirement, let alone the rest of a bank’s requirements list, supposed to do?

The benefit for minority business owners is that there are alternatives that exist just for you. These minority business financing opportunities were created to help those who fall into any minority business category. You could essentially be anything outside of a U.S. born white male and there is a niche minority business financing opportunity for you.

So how can you qualify for minority business financing?

It is simple and it starts with research. You have to research what types of opportunities exist for you. Each program has different requirements for their different forms of funding. These can come in the shape of grants, loans, advances, awards, and the list just keeps going on.

What are the benefits of a minority business financing program?

There are several benefits of choosing one of these programs. One of those benefits is the opportunity for consulting and mentorships. Most programs are not just handing over free money. A lot of them are looking for candidates who want to better themselves and their business. Some programs offer financial guidance and help. This can be through getting your books in order, basic accounting courses, or just how to apply for a business loan. Other courses include business plan writing and marketing guidance.

These grants or other funding sources often require participation in the types of course offerings listed above. This can be a challenge for some businesses. They may not have the time or desire to grow their business with that type of assistance. Some owners are just looking to grow their business with additional funding help. That is where we can assist you.

Getting Started

At eBusiness, we offer a merchant cash advance that doesn’t come with all the strings attached that most minority business financing options come with. Our application process is simple with a fast turnaround time to letting you know you have been approved. We let you know in just 24 hours. Even better you can start spending what you have been approved for in just three days. That is because we will get the cash you need, deposited directly into your bank account.

Instead of holding collateral like a traditional loan, we have created a different process. We will take a daily percentage of your credit card sales until the advance has been paid off. This is a fixed percentage, not a fixed amount each month like a bank loan. We find our customers appreciate this fact because they don’t have to worry about paying a set amount each month.

Our requirements are simple. Are you currently doing $10,000 a month in sales revenue? Have you been in business for at least six months? Well, you are half way to qualifying. The other half is applying! So why not take that next step in your business’ future and apply for a merchant cash advance today!

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How To Get Minority Business Financing?
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